We have just witnessed the powers of negotiation re: Syria

This morning we have the news that Secretary of State Kerry has negotiated an agreement with his counterpart in Russia regarding Syria’s chemical weapons. I would like to point out the power of negotiation, mediation, and meaningful conversation. We have just witnessed the powers of negotiation.

Powers of Negotiation

We saw all sides blustering, all sides making threats, all sides mired in their “red-line” positions. There was seemingly no way out. US missiles were positioned for attack on Syria, and Russia and China were putting their attack plans together against the US. All communication had broken down. Then, as a result of an off-hand comment by Kerry, the WHOLE conflict changed. It changed from a warring position to a negotiating-in-good-faith position.

This is what can happen when people really want to resolve their conflict. They put down their blustering, their accusations, and their weapons, and they figure out a solution that can work for everybody. In this case, the US really didn’t want to go to war, Syria really didn’t want to be attacked, and Russia really didn’t like what Syria had done either. What to do? There was a total stale-mate. That is, until a meaningful idea was tossed out, and everyone¬†gravitated toward it, and created a base to work from.

Think about the conflict(s) in your life. Are you at “war” with a neighbor, at odds with your ex-spouse, or unable to get along with a fellow employee at work? Have you both taken up positions? Are you mired in accusations, and hate mongering? How can you start that meaningful conversation that can get you un-stuck, to move forward, to a place out of conflict?

Utilizing¬†a mediator can help with that tough conversation, help you get un-stuck, help you to move on with your life. This neutral third party can help with ideation, so that perhaps something that you haven’t even thought of, can be discussed. Just like the off-hand Kerry remark. Sometimes good stuff happens. And a lot of times this happens in mediation sessions where I am the mediator. One party will make a comment that suddenly makes total sense, and the whole negotiation turns around into a positive and fruitful direction. Everyone suddenly begins making plans for the future, leaving the past conflict somewhat behind, with positive energy filling the room and everyone in it.

Think about using mediation and negotiating for your conflict resolution. You have just witnessed the powers of negotiation. You know it can work.


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