Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again

He’s big. He’s bold. He’s unrefined. But he is exciting. He is positive. He is different. He is what we need.

Today! He gives rides to kids in his helicopter. Yes! I wish I was there! I may have pushed a kid aside to get on board myself.

Maybe he’s like me. Socially some-what unacceptable. But I don’t think that I am alone.

I think that he should announce his cabinet, VP, and other positions, ahead of protocol. Yes, he’s contacted Carl Icahn. This is the type of stuff that we need. We need his connections, his business knowledge, his energy, and his negotiation ability to get the USA going again.

Speaking of VP and cabinet positions, here are mine: Carly for VP, Trey for AG, Carson in charge of all Medical related areas, Rubio for Secretary of State, and Ted Cruz for your right hand man. With this team, you can in fact, “Make America Great Again”.

Go, Donald. The USA needs what you have to offer! TRUMP!



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