The Sky Is Falling! My opinion of climate change.

My Opinion of Climate ChangeI do not understand why everyone is calling each other names… over our climate changing, no less. People are angry at scientists for not proclaiming their version of the truth, saying that these scientists are bought and paid for by the other side. Republicans are calling Democrats crazy over their views. (After all, Al Gore started all this!) Democrats are shouting at conservatives because they claim that all Republicrats are in denial; have their collective heads in the sand. It all sounds as if the proverbial sky is falling! Here is my opinion of climate change.

I have done some reading on subjects surrounding the various ideas of our planet’s travel and evolution through time. I’ve read about our water situation out here in the Wild West, and its ebbs and flows through time with political consequences of: to dam or not to dam, to strike water deals with other states and countries, droughts and floods, and blood shed over its very preciousness.

What I gather, is that our planet continues to undergo change. Sometimes we get sudden, and catastrophic changes. Sometimes the changes are more gradual. But what we do know, is that there have been some rather huge things that have happened to our planet, either by meteor hits causing the near extinction of everything here, to solar flares, causing great temperature changes, to giant volcanic eruptions that have caused such disruption that the sun’s rays could not penetrate the volcanic dust in the air for years on-end, ushering in ice ages, and leaving life to begin its total chaos once again.

We have had minor changes in our planet, like a wetter than average 100 year period in the twentieth century. But, taken in a micro sense, that is the 100 year period that most of us know. So, as abnormal as that century was in terms of history, it was our ‘normal’. Anything else, is different, and therefore “changing”.

Should we fear change? Should we place blame somewhere, because our planet is changing? Is there anything to be done? Or do we just accept that the sky is falling?

As human beings, we have the capability of educating ourselves. Or we can go with the popular flow, and just hop on the nearest bandwagon of fear and blame. I choose the education route. That makes the most sense to me. Can we make others comply with our sense of right and wrong, carbon footprint judgment, or trying to reel in China? That is definitely a plan, and a possible option. I have never had much luck trying to make other people do what I want them to do, because it is my set of morals; what I thought was right. But I suppose once again, that that is an option. Based upon my reading, I would not be buying property in Florida, nor property due east of Yellowstone, but that is just my opinion. Actually, all of this is my opinion of climate change.

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