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Agents and Publishers for Lives Shattered

After Mister and Jerseya lot of research, I developed a plan. I decided to look for a book agent first. If that didn’t work out then I would look for a book publisher. And if that didn’t work out either, then I would self-publish Lives Shattered. So I began my search for a book agent. I started online. I found a good resource with AgentQuery.com . The site enables sorting by agents’ area of interest. I also found the writing magazines at the library helpful for additional book agent information: The Writer, and the Writing Magazine.

The presentation to an agent is called a “Query”. Each query is made via email or snail mail, depending upon their stated preference. I found that each query took between one and five hours, depending upon the amount of information that the book agent requested, and the amount of time needed to customize the query to the agent’s particular areas of interest. If I was able to complete two queries a day, that was an accomplishment.

The process of searching for book agents, preparing the book queries, and finally waiting for any kind of response was a lot like applying for a job. It took a lot of research, preparation time, and then a lot of time waiting for a response that most likely did not come. I prepared and sent 35 queries. I received 13 responses. None of them wished to pursue my project.

I began the process all over again with book publishers for Lives Shattered. There is not much free information online about publishers, so I resorted to the writing magazines and reference books at the library, for any useful names that I could find. I think that I sent out about 10 queries to book publishers. I received no responses from them. I was growing weary of all of this, whatever it was.

Overall, I learned a great deal during this process. I learned how to write and re-write the same idea in many different ways. I learned that the old way of publishing a book may in fact be the “old way”. I learned that I still didn’t like rejection; it still didn’t taste good, no matter how old I got. And I learned that I now must learn how to self-publish. That’s next.