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Mediation can help with that Tough Conversation

I recently was approached by a family care provider who cared for an elderly woman. She knew that the woman’s adult children, of whomMediation can help with that tough conversation there were seven, were in various states of apathy and panic about their elderly mom. She asked me if I could help this family sort out all the various issues that were going on within this family. I quickly said, that yes, I could help. Mediation not only provides services to those who are in conflict, it also provides an extra hand for that tough conversation.

We only have one set of parents and perhaps another set of in-law parents, but the idea is, is that we don’t get to practice being caregivers of our elderly parents very often. So most of the aging issues are new to us when they start happening to our loved ones. Once the time comes for some big decisions to be made, a plan should probably be made with all the adult siblings of mom and/or dad, and with the parent’s involvement, if possible.

The plan developed within the family of course will vary depending upon the issues involved. Cognitive issues, physical issues, assisted living versus independent living, and the timing of the plan’s implementation are possible factors. Who is to be the primary caregiver. Who is going to be the primary decision maker, if need be. What is the geographical location of everyone involved for the plan to work efficiently.

There are many issues to be worked out. And there are probably lots of opinions and ideas within the family. There could be past or current issues within family members which might make any family meeting tough to do. But a qualified mediator, being the neutral third party, can help to add some outside ideas and possibilities, and help keep the family on track in developing and maintaining a plan to care for mom or dad. Mediation can help with that tough conversation.