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Self-Publishing the E-Book version of Lives Shattered

Self-Publishing EBook Lives ShatteredWhen I initially set up the self-publishing services I wanted with CreateSpace, I asked the salesman how I would self-publish the e-book version of Lives Shattered. Despite his connection with Amazon, he recommended that I use Smashwords. That turned out to be some incredible advice. Smashwords is not only a self-publishing mecca, but the founder, Mark Coker, provides invaluable guides to self-publishing through his Smashwords-Style Guide and his Smashwords-The Secrets to EBook Publishing Success. After nailing down the e-book self-publishing and moving into the marketing phase, I used Mark’s Smashwords-Book Marketing Guide. But more about that later.

I am going to be brutally honest here in my next comments. E-Book self-publishing is not for the faint at heart. It is not easy. Its roots are still tied to something resembling DOS, to those readers who are old enough to remember the days before Microsoft’s Windows. And it is not user-friendly. I spent many hours re-formatting my printed version of Lives Shattered using the guidance of Mark Coker’s Style Guide, to only get my ebook version rejected by Apple iTunes and others.  I then spent many more hours looking for my formatting errors that could cause such a rejection. There are services that provide this kind of re-formatting services. And it might be wise to check out and use these services, depending upon your tolerance for pain, available time, and your Microsoft Word formatting skills. Mark Coker’s books provide a link to those ebook formatting services.

Smashwords  is a global e-book distributor. They have the ability to get your ebook to Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Amazon’s Kindle and many more. I have seen my book sold to the Japanese and the French. I have seen sales made in Australia. Smashwords handles the distribution and sales reporting of my e-book. Amazon handles the sales of the printed version, with CreateSpace handling the sales reporting and royalty payments.

Self-Publishing the e-book version of Lives Shattered has been another incredible adventure in this book-authorship process. Now, how am I going to get people to buy my book in either printed version or e-book format?