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China’s easing of its one-child policy

China's easing of its one-child policyHow does social engineering fit into China’s system? Or a world system? It’s interesting to see the results of this thirty year experiment with human lives. It has resulted in a selective process resulting in a birth rate of 120 males to 100 females as of November, 2013, the highest in the world. One can only imagine the resulting problems that this brings about: fewer brides when marrying time comes around; more testosterone involved in the work place, bars, and home life; an imbalance in all living and working situations. Will China’s easing of its one-child policy help in these imbalances?

China’s policy has been to limit each family to one child. There was an exception to this policy: if both parents had no siblings, then couples were allowed to have one additional child. The government announced mid-November, that couples where one partner has no siblings, can now have two children.

For those against abortion, and planned pregnancies, and infanticide, this has to be a moral nightmare scenario of vast proportions. (How else would this male/female selection process be happening?) For those against loss of freedom, and such a personal freedom at that, this is also frighteningly massive.

US Citizens of all political and moral persuasions are likely to take offense or at least raise an eyebrow as to these Chinese dictates. But yet what does one expect from a communist/socialistic government involvement in anything, let alone personal decisions such as number of family members. Isn’t this close to our government getting involved in mandating our health insurance purchase? Type of health care will be next, how much, what you should eat to stay healthy, then determinations might be made as to who should live or die. Will limitations as to number of children be next? Once freedom is eroded, is does not come back.  What is promoted as good and equitable for everyone, is actually good for no one.

With China’s easing of its one-child policy, will there be a boom in the population in China? Or will social engineering have permanently changed their citizen’s view of the essence of “family”? Will this human experiment catch on in other countries? In the US, we the people are still in charge of our government, at least, and not the other way around.