Self-Publishing – How I did it

Jersey kittyAfter not connecting with either a book agent or publisher, I was moving on to Plan C…that of self-publishing of Lives Shattered. But before I put the book out there in print, I needed other people to read my book; people who didn’t know me or my story. I still felt that I wanted input from independent folks. I researched the internet for something, somebody, to read my story. I found Authonomy. This is a site established by Harper Collins that encourages authors to post their books for other authors to read and critique. What a boon for me. This was just what I needed.

Lives Shattered received fifty or so reviews with critiques and suggestions from other authors. I wrote and re-wrote yet again based upon those ideas. I also received encouraging remarks which fueled my efforts to keep on going with the editing and publishing process. The biggest thing that I learned here, was the importance of the first chapter. This chapter must have that essential ‘hook’ to capture a reader’s attention. The chapter must be polished and re-polished to a vibrant sheen. After that is done, then it must be done again.

I talked to other authors and researched the internet about self publishing. I frankly found it all very daunting. In the mean-time, my friend Lynn had heard about, and suggested that I check out CreateSpace, the publishing arm of Amazon. I studied CreateSpace’s website to see what it had to offer. CreatSpace offered a wide variety of services, and I was able to choose a market basket of items that I thought I needed. I chose the in-depth editing, the interior book design, the cover design, and a few more services. I thought that a professional edit and cover were essential to attempt a first class presentation of Lives Shattered.

CreateSpace helped me self-publish Lives Shattered in printed form. But the ebook format is yet another self-publishing process. More on both coming up.

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