School is starting. Do you know if your kids are being bullied?

kids are being bulliedAre you paying enough attention to your children to know if your kids are being bullied? Or if your child is the bully?

It is tough growing up under the best of circumstances. To add this on top of childhood, and adolescence, it seems unthinkable. But we all need to think about it and watch out for the signs. There are things like, not wanting to go to school, or a change in the behavior of your child in some way. Keep an eye out, pay attention to their social media communications, as well as to their friends, and their activities.

What do you do if you suspect bullying is going on? First stop would be the school, after talking with your child. After that, it would be to the parents of the school kids involved. Then what? I would suggest a facilitation of some sort. A mediator with experience in handling school related issues would be a great place to begin having the conversations that need to happen to change behavior. The determination needs to be made who should be involved in the mediation surrounding bullying. Should it be just the parents, the parents and the teachers, the teachers and the students, classmates added to the mix?

If your kids are being bullied, step up and take action. Don’t think that someone else is going to fix this. It’s tough being a parent.

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