Pope Francis, it is time for me to speak about the Catholic Church’s Discrimination against Women

Women as PriestsMike Keefe captured my feelings exactly in his cartoon. Nobody else commented on the ‘Women as Priests’ aspect of Pope Francis’ comments the other day. The gay comments captured the world’s attention. But the obvious discrimination against women was the comment that knocked the breath out of me.

Asked if women would be allowed to become priests in the Church, Pope Francis replied that no, the door was closed on that issue. Nowhere, nohow, nein, and nada, would women as priests be allowed in the Catholic Church. But a different story for gays. Evidently that door had been opened. So as the cartoon depicts, there is quite the double standard for His Holiness.

I have watched the discrimination of women for the last 40 years of my working life. I picked a profession that was mostly male at the time. Practicing as a female CPA in the late 1970’s was a tough row to hoe. Of the 100 professional staff at then Haskins & Sells, I was one of five female CPAs. We were put on the least desirable jobs, and were literally banned from certain types of clients–railroads for one. I was floored by it all. I was raised in Iowa, as a Catholic, and must have lived in a cave. Because I did not even know what discrimination was; for women, blacks, gays, or anybody else for that matter.

So now, today, it’s 2013. What has changed? Nothing, evidently. Women are still banned from certain positions. Closed door on women as priests. Why on earth would a penis matter for the priest job?

What is most disappointing is that I have tried my best. I have worked hard, if not harder than any male counterpart. I am smart. I am clever. I am industrious. Why do women still only make 70% of what comparable male’s make? Why, why, and why?

To be slapped in the face by Pope Francis, is just that, a huge insult. And yet it seems to be bothering no one else but me. So discrimination against women will continue.


Photo Credit:  Mike Keefe and intoon.com

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