My Aha Moment…the difference between Democrats and Republicans

Aha Moment..Democrats vs RepublicansMost people are shocked that my conservative political views are accompanied by seemingly liberal social views. I think that government should play a very limited role in our lives, and given freedom, we in turn are free to marry whomever or whatever we like. It’s a version of: I won’t tell you what to do, and you don’t tell me what to do. I have never understood the views of current Democrats, as being liberal in the sense of social views, and regressive in the sense of government policies; nor current Republicans being progressive in their governmental views, while conservative in their social views.

So my “Aha Moment” came the other day, when I was able to put the above notions even more succinctly: Democrats want freedoms of their bodies, but want everything and everybody else tied up with rules and restrictions; Republicans want essentially no-rules/limited government, but want things related to their bodies tied up in strict right vs wrong dictates. I find this fascinatingly amazing. And people think that I am strange? I think not.

Put yet another way: Why would you want unmitigated freedom regarding abortion and gay rights, and yet turn around and deny people their right to choose insurance or not without penalty? Why would you force your way of thinking on someone in one instance and allow total freedom in another instance. The same goes for the other side. Why would you fight to keep your freedom to choose to insure or not insure, and yet fight against a woman’s right over her own body?

To me, this is irrational thought, and therefore irrational positioning. It seems to me that each side has simply chosen positions on which to stand, regardless of the sanity of it. Each side of the political spectrum has a portion of “progressive” and “regressive” to it. Each side holds positions which require other people bending to the wishes of another.

I have an idea. How about we let everybody decide what is best for themselves? Freedom?

Are you shaking your head? Saying that there are certain rights and wrongs? That it will never work, because of this or that? Chaos will ensue? God is somehow involved?

Well, let’s just add one dictum to the above idea. And that is: that you can do whatever is best for yourself, as long as you hurt no one else.

Shudder. Freedom can be scary.

I was driving in the car with mother when we came to a new four-way stop in my hometown, several years ago. I asked her why they had designed it to be a four-way, vs a two-way stop in the most logical direction. Her reply was, “This way everybody has to stop. It’s fairer this way.”

I liken her reply to what I perceive to be the reasoning behind both the Democrat’s and the Republican’s regressive positioning. And that is: have everyone comply to what dictates that you/he/she believe to be best and fair to everybody. But the problem with that, is that ‘best and fair to everybody’, is good for no one.  Striking the average, aiming for the normal, will miss the mark of most people, most of the time. Most people are on either side of that normal or average. In the above example with the stop signs, 50% of the people are inconvenienced in the attempt to strike a fair deal. That is illogical.

My Aha Moment…the difference between Democrats and Republicans has given me some clarity. It hasn’t relieved me of any of my frustrations with what I perceive to be illogical, but at least I do have a finger on this concrete absurdity.


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