Mediation in the Workplace–solving employee conflicts

Mediation in the WorkplaceTwo women work at the same business. Each woman hates the other one. Their dislike for each other goes way back. The one caught the other one writing a nasty email about her. Their war began. They spend lots of time gossiping about the other each within their separate group of worker friends. The groups of co-workers have now taken up separate camps of support.

I think we have all seen something like this in the workplace. It is miserable to be around and to watch. Who is solving employee conflicts at your place of work?

But most importantly what is happening to the company’s morale? What is happening to the company’s productivity? Generally speaking, everything is probably going into the tank. Thousands of dollars are being lost in measurable terms. Low morale produces a lack of creativity and improvement in the business’s product, thereby producing a loss in non-measurable terms.

Could workplace mediation help solve this problem? Yes. In this case, getting these two women in the same room, to begin to address the underlying reason for their conflict, will probably go a long way to get their working relationship back on track. It could be as easy as clearing up a misunderstanding, or to a more complex situation about workplace issues. But with the beginning discussion, a plan can be developed to start unraveling the problem, and then a moving forward toward agreements to implement. The direction of the solution rests with these two women, within the constraints of the workplace.

Think about the tough issues at your place of work. Mediation in the workplace is a good part of the solution toward solving employee conflicts.


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