Mediation and Divorce…she cheated on me!

Divorshe cheated on mece means splitting up. Splitting up friends, splitting up time with children, splitting up yourselves, and splitting up your assets along with your debts.

“I’m calling my Mediator!” should be your 1st or 2nd retort. (Your CPA can also be first). And as I advocate here, your attorney should be the last resort when all else has failed.*

“I don’t want to give him/her anything! She cheated on me! She deserves nothing!” Yes, I understand your anger, your fear, and your pain. A lot of us have been there. All those emotions need to be worked through, especially if you have children. However, in trying to strike an agreement with your ex, or soon to be ex, you need to keep all those emotions in check and try to come from a more rational place within yourself.

Within each state there are different laws that govern division of marital property. IF you cannot reach agreement between the two of you, then the laws of the land will decide how your assets and debts are split up. YOU have the power to make all this happen as to how you would like it. You do NOT have to throw your fate to the winds, and let a judge–a person that you don’t know, and perhaps don’t want to know–decide that fate for you.

That power is in your hands. Using mediation, gives you the power to come up with an asset and debt allocation that is what you want–or at least closer that it probably will be if you give that power to someone else. With the guidance of a mediator, you and your ex can hammer out an agreement that you both can live with. This agreement can be signed by both of you, and have the full power of any contract.* The agreement can also be filed with the court, to give the added benefits of a court ordered document.

Don’t let that “she cheated on me” scenario rob you of your power to work things out in a calm setting facilitated through mediation.


*An attorney should be consulted before signing any agreement. I am not an attorney, and am not attempting to give legal advice in any of my writings.

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