Marketing a self-published book

If it doesn’t kill me first, I will succeed. I wilmarketing a self-published bookl. I will. I will.

Today I was talking with my sister in Iowa. We were talking about book clubs, and libraries, and book store signings, and within the hour, I had a post in my Google+ account about how to market to book clubs. Voila. Like magic. Assistance on marketing a self-published book.

I wanted to share this wonderful website recommended fromĀ a post at Build Book Buzz. It is Galley Cat. This provides good information in trying to market to book clubs. I would love to be invited to book clubs, to speak about my book, and anything else that they wanted to talk about. So I signed up with Galley Cat. It took perhaps a minute. There is no fee. I will now be in the data base for book clubs to find me. I will report here, on how this works for me.

Tomorrow I will talk to my sister, and talk about the millions of dollars just awaiting us!

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