Is your Landlord Threatening Eviction?

Or worse yet, have you received eviction papers? If you are to this point, your communication with your Landlord has probably come to a halt, and now only legal papers are exchanging hands. landlord threatening eviction

What to do next? You might suggest enlisting the services of a Mediator. A mediation might bring the two of you into an agreement in which both of you can benefit. The Landlord may get the back rent that is owed, and you might get to keep possession of your leased premises. The mediation allows the two of you to come to an agreement that works for the both of you.

If you can’t come to an agreement to mediate, then you are most likely headed to court. The judge may hear your case, or he may send you to mediation at that point. So it could turn out that you end up in mediation, after time has been consumed waiting for a court date, after attorney’s fees have possibly been paid, and after agonizing over all the particulars of all the evils of your Landlord.

Bottom line: you might want to consider mediation immediately when you know that you cannot pay the rent on time, or need to break your lease, or whatever else might be happening in your life that is affecting your ability to live up to your lease agreement.  So if your landlord is threatening eviction, find a Mediator. Mediation is a facilitation of a conversation by a neutral third party.

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