I must weigh in on the Legal System–yet again

I must weigh in on the Legal System--yet againThe legal system and I go way back. Twenty years now, I think. I have written extensively about my experiences with it, in my book. Now, my entire family is again, witness to another legal process which is unfolding. And I find I must weigh in on the legal system–yet again.

On October 9th, my great-nephew was killed from blunt-force trauma to the head. The only person present at the time, was Joseph Patterson. I have been privy to the autopsy report directly from the detective working on the case. My nephew, Tyrese, could not have inflicted these wounds to himself, nor could the damage done to his brain have resulted from an incident earlier in the day, nor as a result of multiple hits over a period of time.

Given these facts, Joseph Patterson was arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder and child abuse. His record shows previous charges of child abuse and assault. And again, given these facts, Joey (Joseph) Patterson has bonded out. He is a free man, awaiting a court appearance in January, 2014.

Ah, our legal system. Not a justice system. But a legal system. I presume that the judge that ordered and accepted bail, was following the law; doing his job. BUT, is this the right thing to do? The obvious answer, in my opinion, is of course, no. I fear for the safety of my niece, Tyrese’s mother, and for the rest of the immediate family. Historically, an abuser will abuse again, possibly resulting in murder.  I must weigh in on the legal system–yet again. And once again, they fail….in my opinion.


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