I Drive Your Truck

I love music; even Country. Some like to joke about the very story-telling-lyrics that I find so charming in Country Music. The various strains of the guitar and fiddle add emphasis to the tale of entering-the-bar-finding-you-there-with-another-guy set of lyrics which unfoI Drive Your Truckld in a particular song about love and loss, or so it goes.

I enjoyed last night’s performance of the ACM Awards 2014. The entertainers were top notch. I loved seeing new faces, and the old ones, too; hearing the new music, and the old.

This morning I Googled some of the faces and songs that I didn’t recognize in last night’s show. One was: I Drive Your Truck, sung by Lee Brice. The song was written by Connie Harrington and won the “Song of the Year” award. I listened to the YouTube version this morning. I am writing this post now, because of how deeply this song affected me.

The lyrics are about loss. The pain of loss. The process of grieving. The lyrics and melody provide a swift kick in the gut. To all of us who have lost children, husbands, fathers, or those closest to us, this song will have you re-living your memory within the first stanza. Congratulations on the writing and performance of this ballad, which is so close to most of our hearts.

MSN photo of Lee Brice and Connie Harrington


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