How is your HOA doing?

What happens when you have a dispute with your Homeowner’s Association? There can be liens on your home, neighborhood dysfunction, and outright shunning and/or fighting with neighbors. It can get downright ugly. So hHow is your HOA doing?ow is your HOA doing?

Does your HOA include mediation or arbitration as a required or possible source for dispute resolution, before the attorneys are called, in its by-laws? It probably would be a good idea to have such a clause in those papers somewhere. In Colorado, it is required to have mediation incorporated into the by-laws. See this Denver Post article.

Even if your HOA does not have these provisions, it would still be a good idea to ask for mediation, before the conflict becomes a full blown out-of-control issue. If for instance, the HOA has an issue with your yard maintenance, parked vehicles, or perhaps too much disruption from renters you may have in your home, then ask the President of your HOA for a mediation with the affected parties.

Working with a Mediator can provide that neutral third party that is needed to help facilitate a resolution to the matter. The dispute should reach a quicker, cheaper, and better resolution than letting the wound fester, blow up, and ultimately end up in the legal system. So how is your HOA doing?

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