Do you have a tenant who is not paying rent?

Hair ripping, I know. Wtenant who is not paying renthat do you do with that tenant who is not paying rent? They say the check is in the mail, but you never get it.

Keeping the communication going is the tough part. You feel yourself getting so angry, and it is hard to be civil. Have you thought about enlisting help from a third party? In the form of a facilitated conversation?

What this means is that you have a mediator sit in on a conversation that you have with your tenant(s). The mediator can help you and your tenant have a reasonable conversation about the issues at hand. Perhaps there is an agreement that you both can work out that benefits all of you. Perhaps financial constraints on the tenant are temporary. Maybe an early move-out is the answer, with a payment plan established for any back rent that is owed. A binding agreement can then be signed by all parties.

Check in with your state Mediator group for a list of qualified mediators. There is help out there for a tenant who is not paying rent. Filing the eviction papers should be your last resort.


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