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Self-Published printed version of Lives Shattered

Self-published printed version of Lives ShatteredThe publishing of a book through CreateSpace involved working with their publishing team that was assigned to me. Initially I talked to a sales person who took my order for the services that I wanted to use. I had already done my research on their website as to what each service offered, and what I thought I needed. After paying for what I selected, I met with one of the team and was asked general questions about the publishing process that I wished to see in the self-published printed version of Lives Shattered.

I had never thought about the mechanics of how the written word looked on the page of a book. But I found out that there are margins, fonts, fleurons, and chapter heading styles to consider. And does it matter if a new chapter starts on the left side or the right side of the page? Are there styles of books that I particularly liked or did not like? So I needed to pull books off my shelves and start looking at the interior design of books, so that I could give CreateSpace some direction as to the design of my written word that I wanted.

Next came the cover design. I filled out a questionnaire as to the vision that I saw for the design of the cover. I knew the cover had to have a human being on it. I thought that red and yellow were two colors that needed to be incorporated into the design. I received their two design covers back. Both designs had humans on them, neither design had red and yellow. Oh well, that is what I hired them for, to use their design knowledge and expertise. The one that I ultimately selected took my breath away when I saw it. I started crying, if truth be told. I passed the two designs around to my family and friends, and all but one selected the same cover. So the decision was made to use the little boy looking out the window.

I used CreateSpace services to perform a professional edit. The copyeditor used the Chicago Manual of Style while editing in the Microsoft Word software. When I received my manuscript back, it was awash in red ink. A lot of the edits were to bring the writing into accordance with this Chicago Style. I used Word to go through the manuscript to accept or reject the editing changes. I also received an Editorial Letter which summarized the editing process and what she noted to be the book’s strengths and weaknesses. The entire editing process was invaluable. I learned a lot about my writing style and areas needing improvement. And I received that long-awaited confirmation, that I did, in fact, have a book. It would go forward as my self-published printed version of Lives Shattered.

Next up–the Kirkus Indie Review service that I purchased through CreateSpace…..