“”I received this book from Amazon yesterday afternoon and read it one day, never wanting to put the book down. Celine has written a candid and heartfelt summary of what she has been through with her ex and the judicial system over the last 20 years or so. The insensitivity and disregard for the children and Celine displayed during this process are shocking.

“Some of Celine’s best attributes, which I think come through loud and clear in the book, are her honesty, her determination, and her tenacity. Her sacrifices so that she can be a mother to her children, despite her ex’s outright war on her, are above and beyond what most of us could have or would have done. Not only do I think writing this book was part of the healing process for Celine, but also I think she wants to share what she experienced and give all of us readers fair warning of possible and unexpected and unreasonable obstacles in both relationships and the judicial system.

“Celine and I met in 1977 when we were both CPAs at the Big Eight firm in Denver. We were both idealistic, ambitious, energetic, and hard workers. We’ve kept in touch all these years, even though my husband and I moved to California in 1987 and now live in Tucson. Even though I knew about much of what went on over the years, despite our long-distance friendship, reading this book made me even more respectful and admiring of who Celine is.

“I highly recommend this book for its honesty, for its very readable and engaging format, for its “heads-up” to all of us, and most of all, for showing how much she loves her two children, despite all the obstacles thrown in her way. ” Suz in Tucson

“This is a must read. It is well written and cleverly structured. I cannot comment on the detail, the who is right, who is wrong, as I do not have the detailed knowledge to do so. However, at face value, as it is written, this is a brave piece of work……who was it said a writer need do nothing more than bleed on the pages? I paraphrase but this is what Celine has done. I highly rate her work.” Literary Torment, Breaking Away.

“A harrowing biography written with lots of emotion and just enough objectivity to make the story real. I was taken along with the author during the custody evaluation debacle, on a car chase along the Interstate 225 through to her struggles with her families chosen faith. Well done for coping and surviving inspite of your ex’s legal team taking bets on your impending suicide. High stars for your book.”  Bea Sinclair, Toads, Tarts and Taxis

“The events are harrowing and upsetting, and retold with a blunt honesty which adds to the catalogue of injustice. It’s frightening to think that such cruel cynicism can be supported by the law. The writing is clear and balances memoir, documentary evidence and witness accounts into a persuasive and compelling account.” David Stonehouse, The Dark Ride

“Celine, I read your first four chapters.  Here we go.  First off, I had chills and I wanted to cry.  But I never got the feeling that you wanted to make me cry.  I never got the feeling that you were trying to manipulate my emotions.  I simply got the feeling that you were conveying a story, and I love the beginning.  It’s an incredibly impacting beginning.  If I hadn’t known what the book was going to be about (based on the synopsis) I would have been entirely shocked at the change in the opening pages, when you state that this “is the way it could have been.”  It was profound and what I really love (because this is my thing) is the incredible honesty.  Honesty in writing is so hard to come by and I truly believe honesty makes good writing great writing.  You take a subject that has become a conversational, routine, signature topic of societal design and you have effectively reminded everyone that divorce is not just some simple legal process.  It is painful and difficult and incomprehensible and all too common.  You have made the painful reality of divorce with children apparent again.  You have reconstituted the pertinence of divorce.  You have reminded us all of something we had forgotten.  Thank you.”  Roman Dean Newell, Unapologetically Human

“You are incredibly brave to have written this and the writing is excellent. In reading your story I felt just a fraction of the pain you must still be feeling and yet I could hardly bear to go on…you are a stronger person than I am. Good on you for putting this down and creating something so powerful that perhaps others in similar situations will be guided by it and the legal profession, psychologists and court officials might see at last  how the US legal system can fail those it should be protecting.  High star rating.”  Cherry G, The Girl from Ithaca

“What an eye-opener your book is, dissecting the anatomy of a divorce, including the perpetrators of deception, the victimized children and the flawed legal proceedings. And yet the injustices are repeated over and over again all over the country because no better recourse, no method of intervention for the disserviced, is put into play. Can what is humanly fair not be the determinant in resolving these cases? A human rights ombudsman is much needed to make slick lawyering irrelevant. Thank you so much for the forthright narrative showing how well-meaning folks are made to suffer in silence.”  Kenneth Edward Lim, The North Korean

“Celine has an effortless style that does not jar. She has the gift of allowing the reader to experience what she went through without directly describing her emotions. Most of us have little to do with the law during our lives yet when we do we are shocked to find what an inflexible, inhuman and unsuitable mechanism it is, especially when it comes to family issues. We then become painfully aware that the law is mainly about milking income for judges and lawyers and is not about the pursuit of fairness. I think “Lives Shattered” covers this very well, and as the cliche goes – if it can happen to her then it can happen to any of us. Beware the law.”  CJ Cronin, The Art of Creating Alpha Males



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