Because you would be in jail.

Trump for President

Trump for President

The time has come for all of us to do a reality check with ourselves. Is it possible that within the realm of any reality, that a criminal would even be considered for President of the United States of America? If you believe, yes, then you have to read no further.

With Trump, you get a non-polished businessman with a previous life outside of the public purview in one sense, and yet within the entertainment world, very much in the public light, in another. God forbid my life would be there for all to judge. I have been jailed many times by a vicious ex-husband. I have had one too many at other various times in my life. I have offended many, and have done things I cringe just recalling the memory.

But what is important in a candidate for President of the USA? Is it the potential for greatness? Is it the probability that we will be better than we were before while living within the Constitution of the United States? Is it to move forward? Or is it to dwell in the past. Accept corruption and criminality in our government as the norm. To continue deviating from capitalism, our base, toward socialism.

What do we leave our children? A corrupt, broken, bankrupt government diving deeper in debt while killing all jobs here in the USA, and ultimately being beholden to the owners of our debt?

We are a debtor nation. We become more in debt every minute. Is this how you run your own household budget?

Now is the time. The time step out of the corruption that the Clintons represent, and embrace a new tomorrow. When did we become so politically correct as to prefer the smoothness of corruption over honesty with warts and all?

Let’s give this businessman a shot at getting this economy righted, our Supreme Court justices upholding the Constitution, and law and order restored to the people of every station in life. The Clintons are not exempt from the law. Bad cops are not exempt from the law. People who shoot cops are not exempt from the law. The inner cities of our country do not deserve to live in jobless poverty. We are better than this as a country, as a people, and to some, as religious believers.

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