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Reader’s Discussion Guide for Lives Shattered

To assist book clubs with discussion about Lives Shattered, I have prepared a Discussion Guide.  Let me know about anything you would like to see added or changed in this Guide.

1.  Did you learn anything new about the legal system that you did not know before?

2.  Based upon what you learned about Celine in the book, was she believable?  Or do you think she had the issues as described by Dr Cruise?

3.  Was the part in the book about Celine’s growing up a necessary part of the book?  If it was why?  If it wasn’t why?  Why did the author tell that part of her story?

4.  We as readers don’t get to “see” a lot about the children.  Why do you think that the author kept the written material about the children to a minimum?

5.  Some readers feel that the story should have started at the author’s childhood and moved forward in a linear fashion from there.  Why did the author chose to start off the story in the present day, then hop back to 1994, and then all the way back to her childhood and go linear from there?

6.  What was the main story arc?  What was the secondary story arc? And was there a third story arc?

7.  If you were going through a divorce and had children, what would you do differently based upon what you may have read in this book about divorce in the legal system?