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Publishing a Book!

I thought that the biMister IIggest problem in writing a book was in the writing itself. As tough as that was, it was nothing compared to what came after. The thought about putting those first words on a page was a difficult one.  Then when the words were done, and I took a breath of satisfaction, I realized that I didn’t know what to do next.  And in some ways that was a good thing.  Because the enormity of it all might have precluded me from beginning at all.

I began by asking friends and acquaintances to read my manuscript.  Everyone’s approach there was quite different.  Some read with a keen eye towards commas and semi-colons.  Others read with a grammar and spelling bent.  And still others read with just sheer content as their focus.  All contributed greatly towards the beginning of the next six months of editing.

With the manuscript worked over and over, I felt I was ready to begin to look for agents or publishers.  I searched online and in writing magazines from the library for the most likely agents and publishers.  After months of very few returned emails or snail mails, I decided to stop that pain of rejection, and find another avenue to get my book published.

I still felt that I needed some more outside feedback on my book–feedback from people who did not know me or know my story.  After searching on line, I found Authonomy.  This is a Harper Collins site for authors to use to display their books for other authors to read and review.  This process was most helpful to me in getting independent thoughts about my writing and the content of my book.

The final process came in the actual book publishing.  I used CreateSpace to publish my book in its written format.  I selected various services of theirs, including their professional and comprehensive edit.  Once that process was complete, I used Smashwords to publish my book in all its various ebook formats.

This is a very brief outline of the process.  Future blogs will go into each step more in depth.  Who else was as surprised as me at the amount of work involved in publishing a book?