Are you sick and tired fighting about Abortion? I am.

In today’s Denver Post, I read about Oklahoma moving to effectively ban abortion in their state by making it a felony for doctors to perform the procedure. We all know that this is an end-run around the US Supreme Court’s 1973 decision that legalized abortion. And we all know that thinly veiled attempts like this have previously been struck down by the courts as unconstitutional, given that Supreme Court’s ruling.

But, I for one, am sick and tired of it all. I am sick of the fight. I am sick of people arguing about what other people should do with their lives and the lives of the unborn.

I understand both sides. Coming from a Catholic family, with one sister going to the extreme of having nine, yes 9, children, I understand the ‘life begins at conception’ belief. I get it.

I understand the pro-abortion position that says a woman’s right to her own body, is essentially hers alone. I get it.

So are we going to just keep slugging it out, with an immovable object meeting an immovable force? Or is someone going to have the common sense to get these two opposing sides together and agree on something, anything, and put this subject to bed?

Here is what I propose: I propose that the two opposing side’s leadership of both groups meet. The meeting or series of meetings, will last until agreement is reached. And the agreement will be binding to both sides. The issue will be resolved. Done.

I have some ideas as to how such an agreement could be reached. I think that there could be several layers, and several time frames involved. For instance: Any resolution could be agreed to be tried for a period of let’s say, five years. After five years, it would be agreed upon to meet again, go over the findings, and agree to re-visit the agreement openly and objectively.

Another idea: An agreement could be reached to disagree. For instance: Those that believe that life begins at inception will never be swayed to agree to terminate a pregnancy at any time period, for any reason. OK. That is a set of beliefs, most often based in religious beliefs, that will continue. Those who believe in the rights to freedom of choice over their own medical decisions over their own bodies, will continue. OK. Everybody take a deep breath and acknowledge everybody else’s beliefs, discuss in depth, pray over it, hold a burial of sorts, sing Kum ba yah, and then put this piece of the issue to the side.

Next: Given the understanding that everyone now has for the other side, and their viewpoints, reasonable discussions can ensue about possible areas of agreement to the abortion issue. Maybe the solution lies on a plane that no one has even addressed yet, because we have not been able to get past the fighting about trying to convince the other side how wrong they are. We don’t have to convince them anymore, now that we have agreed to understand their position, and try to move towards a solution.

We agree to disagree. We agree to move forward towards an end. The end is to stop fighting.


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