Another School Shooting. Obama’s fault?

As we recognize the 1st anniversary of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, we incur yet another school shooting here in Colorado on Friday at Arapahoe High School in Centennial. Horrible tragedies. My hearAnother School Shooting. Obama's Fault?t breaks for all the families. Fear and loss are painful reminders of our world full of uncertainties.

Why are these things happening? And what are the solutions?

What is the problem? Is it guns? Is it mental health? Is it the state of families? Is it the un-improving economy? Is it McDonald’s? Is it the water?

What are the possible solutions? Banning guns? Putting more emphasis and funding into mental health areas? Promoting the family unit? Strengthening our economy through growth models that work? Banning unhealthy food? Double checking our water systems for contaminants? Providing armed protection at the schools?

I used to see things in absolute black and white. It could have been due to the follies of youth, or how I was raised. I don’t know. As I’ve gained life’s experiences, I see nothing in black and white now. I find that most things have a combination of solutions that either work, or will solve the problem best for the long haul.

My gut feeling tells me that there a couple of things causing the apparent frequency of these shootings, and a couple of places to start to help in the solution.

I think that the problem is not an inanimate object. That makes no sense. To disarm the innocent, and arm the criminals is ludicrous on its face. I also think that history has shown that during bad economic times, crimes of all types increase. When families face uncertainty as to job loss or feeding their families, mental health issues are going to abound. I also believe that we are what we eat, so with tongue in cheek, I am blaming McDonalds. But McDonalds is not force feeding you to stuff that double cheeseburger into your face, nor is it government’s responsibility to tell McDonald’s to stop selling you the French fries that you are stuffing into your face.

I would think that a combination of an improving economy, abundant mental health care, education about nutrition, and providing armed protection at schools, is the basket of solutions that I would propose. There are plenty of unemployed veterans who could use gainful employment, and there should be protection and deterrents at the schools, so why not match up these two situations to provide a win-win situation for both. Unemployment benefits transition into wages earned.

Another school shooting. Obama’s fault? Yes. At least partially. Given Obama’s continued failed economic policies, he has kept this country in a constant place of fear of the unknown for the last 5 years. In bad economies, crimes increase, mental health issues arise, and bad things happen. While his efforts have been on an inanimate object, the real causes and solutions have gone untouched.


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