A body chip in our future

I have become obsessed with the notion of “freedom”. I guess I can thank Obama for that. Since his inauguration 5 years ago, we all have become more keenly aware of what we as a Republic of the United Statebody chip in our futures have to lose. We all perceive a real threat. We  have become more aware of our Bill of Rights, elections, and our Constitution. Is a body chip in our future?

But our loss of freedoms did not start with Obama, even though he has greatly exacerbated the situation. This post has to do with the gradual loss, the leakage of freedoms, and how dangerous it is to give up even one freedom, and therefore how dangerous a socialist like Obama truly is. A chain begins; a non-stoppable hemorrhage. Once a freedom is given up, it never comes back. To come under any illusion that there is an even trade off of freedom for safety is like saying it’s a necessary decision which one of your children you must give up.

Before you can leave the hospital, you must apply for a Social Security number. Soon you need to license your bicycle, then license your dog. Once you get your driver’s license you are ready to purchase a car, license that car, and acquire mandatory car insurance. If you are lucky, you don’t need a handicapped sticker/license.

You can get a license to travel, called a passport. You can acquire a house, and get a permit to add on the extra rooms you need. After college, your profession requires a permit to practice with the State, and registration with the Feds and State for the company you start up. On weekends you like to hunt and fish, more licenses are required.

And now you are required to buy health insurance.

All of these loss of freedoms have happened over time. One loss has led to another, and then another. One more. One more. One more. Until you have the total loss.

Freedom. Ah, sweet freedom. I think that perhaps it has been a mirrored illusion all along. Reflecting from all directions, but not actually real. Like Bigfoot, Santa, and the Easter Bunny. A wonderful dream, but not real. Maybe we just give up that dream, and go for that body chip. Easy. Sweet. Scanned as we go. Give up. Say, “hay”, to the NSA. Surrender Dorothy.




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