Lives Shattered: One Mother's LossThat’s me. The little girl in the front row along with the rest of my family. Looking beautiful,  I must say! What a life I was about to lead. My story is what this book is about.

Please use the buttons on the right to obtain it or to read a sampling of it. And ask me any question at info@livesshattered.com or on the contact page here. See my Facebook page at Celine Zabel Author.

My Second Edition is done and in print, and also available in e-formats. This edition incorporates lots of ideas and suggestions that I heard from readers. You will love it! Click on the buttons here on the right to get your copy.





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3 Thoughts on “HOME

  1. Caroline on May 8, 2013 at 6:23 pm said:

    Well, girl, it’s now done! Congratulations on a work done, from your heart, of the many gut-wrenching occurances that you endured, literally, for years.

    What a difficult task this must have been. As I read of your opening up the boxes after wiping away years’ accumulation of dust and cobwebs, I felt I was there with you.

    I am anxious to get the book ordered, which I intend to do tomorrow – on the 9th. I’ll snuggle up with my Kindle and walk alongside you on this incredible journey through the American legal system.

    For your perserverence and courage in facing the painful experiences you endured, I will always admire you, Celine.

  2. Celine Zabel on May 13, 2013 at 5:52 pm said:

    Thank you Caroline! Without your contributions, this would never have happened.

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